Anastacia acaba de compartir el tema Take This Chance, una de les cançons inèdites que formaran part de The Ultimate Collection.

El disc estarà format per 19 números 1, entre els quals destaquen, Paid my dues, One day in your life o Sick and tired entre altres.

El treball arribarà el 6 de novembre.

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Paid My Dues
One Day In Your Life
Pieces of a Dream
Everything Burns (Ben Moody & Anastacia)
I’m Outta Love
Left Outside Alone
Sick and Tired
Stupid Little Things
Not That Kind
Welcome to My Truth
You’ll Never Be Alone
Best of You
Heavy On My Heart
Cowboys & Kisses
Why’d You Lie to Me
Love Is a Crime
I Belong to You (feat. Eros Ramazzotti)
Army of Me
Take This Chance