Amy Macdonald publicarà un disc anomenat Woman of the world, on recollirà els seus èxits més importants que van del 2007 fins aquest 2018 i entre els quals hi ha This is the life, Mr Rock and roll, Don’t tell me that it’s over o algunes cançons en directe.


1. This Is the Life
2. Mr Rock and Roll
3. Slow It Down
4. Dream On
5. What Happiness Means to Me
6. Woman of the World
7. Poison Prince
8. From the Ashes
9. Pride
10. Run
11. Down By the Water
12. Don’t Tell Me That It’s Over
13. Give It All Up (BBC Live Session)
14. Come Home
15. Left That Body Long Ago
16. Let’s Start a Band (Live in Berlin Tempodrom)

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